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Poems, Stories & Co.

“She Tells Me She Has Suicidal Thoughts”, Untethered Magazine

"Epilogue"The Lehrhaus

"Two Sumerian Elegies", Modern Literature

"Apology in the form of Necessity", Grain Magazine

"Configurations of Worship", The Lehrhaus

"Construction", The Jewish Literary Journal

"Night Driving", Ghost Town

"On a Stall Door Above Forgiven", Broken Plate

"Bobby Not the Camel", CV2

"Tonics and a Present Timbre", The Forward

"Holding"The Jewish Literary Journal

"Bird's Eye", The Ekphrastic Review

"It Happens", Murmers 

"Knob", Canadian Literature

"The Lady", Jones Ave. 

"Sefat Hayam", Mima'amakim 

"He Goes In and Out", Ascent Aspirations Magazine

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