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A little about me


I like to write, mostly poetry, but also fiction, lyric essays, and assorted cross-genre experiments. My writing can be found in Grain, The Lehrhaus, CV2, and Canadian Literature, among other publications. You can read some samples here

In addition to writing, I also run creative writing workshops for students of all ages in both formal and informal settings. My passion project is a workshop I designed called DAF, which explores nonlinear and collaborative writing inspired by the Talmud Bavli. DAF is based on my experiments with using Talmudic form (tzurat hadaf) in my own work.  You can see a strict example of my use of this form here (scroll to pg 33), and a looser use of it here.

DAF was first taught at the 2019 National Havurah Committee Institute, where I served as artist in residence. I've since had the joy of running it for a variety of community organizations in Toronto, including Lishma and Moishe Pod. If you'd like to learn more about DAF or other workshop options for your class or community, reach out here.

Some other thing to know about me: I have an MFA in poetry from UC, Riverside, where I taught undergraduate creative writing and served as a Gluck Fellow. I also hold an MA in philosophy from The New School for Social Research, and a BA in Judaic studies from Yeshiva University. I currently live in Toronto, and am a member of the content team at Aleph Beta. 

Also, I recently started mono printing. You can see a few of my prints around this site and in my work.

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